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Venture  With  GOD!

The Lord Family share about their miraculous times on the road in this 430 page book complete with 240 pictures and over 80 QR Codes to hear songs and more! $20 plus shipping using the PayPal link above or below. You can send a check as well - (See the About Page) Let us know if you'd rather purchase the PDF version $7.

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Our Story


The Lord Family left a comfortable job with great benefits and hit the road in an old greyhound bus that should have gone to the junk yard rather than their yard. Many said they were crazy and it wouldn't last a month, but the Lord Family knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that GOD had said otherwise. They weren't sure how HE would take care of a large family of eight, but they stepped out in faith trusting HIS WORD that GOD had confirmed to both Mary Ann and Kerry.


Throughout the years they met some pretty wonderful folks along the way, many they still keep in contact with twenty years later. They compiled four CD's and a few DVD's. They logged over 172,000 miles with three different buses and several vans! They did over 1,260 services/concerts for tens of thousands of people in 26 different denominations as well as fairgrounds, parks, prisons, campgrounds, Christian schools, youth camps, Senior Retirement Communities, truck stops, nursing homes, Para-church ministries, and various Native American reservations. Plus wherever GOD orchestrated HIS “Divine Appointments” on the highways and byways! They went to thirty-five states and a little bit of Canada. Most of all they witnessed GOD save thousands for HIS kingdom! GOD far exceeded any of their dreams and brought them many ventures with HIM.


Their six children all love the LORD and serve HIM! For this they are truly thankful! The kids gave up a lot over the years to serve in ministry on the road including friends, relationships, pets, sports and work. Fortunately, GOD made it possible for the Lord Family to keep their home in Maine which was an amazing blessing. Songs are still being written, mostly now by the children! GOD has infused some pretty outstanding gifts in them all.


It wasn't always easy, but over a decade later, they all would say, “It was worth it!”


Perhaps inside of you there is a dream about doing something beyond what feels possible? Something within says, "It must be done!" Yet, so many say, "No way!"


This book will encourage you and give you many wonderful tools on your journey to fulfilling what GOD has placed inside of you!


There are many examples of people in the Bible who aren't equipped enough, brave enough, strong enough or smart enough; yet GOD still chose them to do great things!‍


Join modern-day sojourners, The Lord Family, on their "Venture With GOD" to fulfill the dream HE placed in them. They saw GOD do the impossible for over a decade and know first-hand that...


"Nothing is Impossible with GOD!"



Praises About The Book 

If you long to lead a life of RADICAL faith and aspire to be FULLY dependent on God then you’ll absolutely love “Venture with GOD”! It’s filled with so many incredible stories and testimonies that will stretch your faith and raise your expectation! ~ Aaron



Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and edit your book, Kerry! It's been such a pleasure learning about God's faithfulness through your journey and the incredible story about your family's commitment to serving the Lord!!! God is good to each of us and I believe you and your clan have always stayed true to giving glory to God. The pictures make things so personable to the reader, I feel like I get to know you all every time I turn the page. This book serves to give a fresh breath and hope in His love for all of us! ~ Megan





Thank you ever so much for your pre-release copy of "Venture With GOD!" We enjoyed it and sometimes wept over some of the problems you encountered and how GOD delivered you out of every one of them! It's a wonderful book! I read every word in a day and a half! ~ Barbara




I look forward to your book! God blessed you with a beautiful, fruitful Family Ministry in the Northeast and in many areas across the US! So proud of you all!! Life is full of challenges and adventure in the Service of His Kingdom!! What a joy to have you and your beautiful family in our lives and minister together with your precious ones numerous times through the years!! We have valued your Ministry!! Your family from the youngest to the oldest were so beautiful and anointed as they ministered showing they had learned from their family worship, devotion times and their own personal quiet times before the Lord.  I Believe lives were impacted and changed through the ministry and through the years!!!! Love you all!! ~ Helen


The real ministry was using what we had to glorify GOD! The broken down bus and a humble attitude with hearts full of love wanting to obey the call to go and sing! ~ Mary Ann Lord