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Venture  With  GOD!

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Mary Ann & Kerry Lord have been married almost forty years (June 2023). They have done para-church ministry for over two decades, been active in the same church for over thirty years, and have four books and five CD's. Their family of eight lived by faith traveling the US and Canada singing and sharing the Gospel of JESUS.  They have done numerous seminars on marriage, family, and living by faith.  Kerry was awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree in Evangelism. Mary Ann runs "Lord's School of Music".  Their latest passion is encouraging those who sense a call to do the impossible with GOD!


Back in 2002 the Lord Family left a comfortable job with great benefits and hit the road in an old greyhound bus that should have gone to the junk yard rather than their yard. Many said they were crazy and it wouldn't last a month, but the Lord Family knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that GOD said otherwise. They weren't sure how HE would take care of a large family, but they stepped out in faith trusting HIS WORD!  ‍"Venture With GOD" is a true story of a family of eight that took GOD at HIS word. GOD saw them through, providing many miracles, sustaining them, and protecting them for over a decade. They were privileged to minister in thirty-five States at fairgrounds, parks, prisons, campgrounds, Christian Schools, youth camps, Senior Retirement Communities, truck stops, nursing homes, Para-church ministries, Native American reservations as well as going into twenty-six different denominations. GOD allowed them to reach tens of thousands and saw many individuals become "born again!" They did over 1,260 services/concerts logging 172,000 miles in three different buses and several vans. 

"Nothing is Impossible with GOD!"


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